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Here are some links to other web sources I hope are also helpful:

The Fellowship Room

The Gospel Gleaner


Some useful epublished Biblical resources are available at: Olive Tree  or Study Light.

There is a Bible based television program, In Search of the Lord’s Way. They also have an excellent selection of acapella hymns as audio recordings. NEW

For preacher education refer to Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies.

Muscle and a Shovel is a book that closely follows how a young man in Nashville, Tennessee found Jesus Christ in His church. His winding journey is lead by one who loved him with the Scriptures.

A Christian in the United Kingdom has traced the historical account of the churches of Christ in English History from 1000 A.D. to the 1800's. Pictures, places, and documents have been found and included, to show that believers in water immersion for the remission of sins, as preached in Acts 2, were continuing to meet through those centuries. This documentation needs to be in the hands of serious students and those who need to know Jesus was right about His church: "the gates of Hades" did "not prevail against it" (Matthew 16:18). Read more about this study at: Traces of the Kingdom. To order a copy of this book, click here.

Our Liverpool, England, UK, brethren maintain a resourceful website at The Scriptures with a focus on Bible study.

Individuals may donate or churches may purchase the services of Disaster Relief Effort.


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Additional Basics from Donnie Barnes

Please visit the website of the late Donnie Barnes for more excellent charts on the basics of the Bible, General Bible content and what God's plan for our salvation is.