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Psalm 46: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

My commentary for Psalm 46A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, is available in Devotions from Psalms, in Commentaries.

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Words of Wisdom: April 17 - 21, 2017

Please find my Words of Wisdom as Audio and as Transcripts for the days:

4/17/2017: Work and Salvation

4/18/17/2017: Work of Creation

4/19/2017: What God Still Requires

4/20/2017: God Has No Future Land Promise

4/21/2017: Who Has Seen Jesus?

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Words of Wisdom: October 19 - 23, 2015 Available Now

Please click here to find my audio minutes for Words of Wisdom for the week:

10/19/2015: God's Land Promise

10/20/2015: Who Honors God

10/21/2015: Salvation Is Not Miraculous

10/22/2015: Holy Spirit Baptize Believers

10/23/2015: Should Believers Keep All Commands?

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QA: The Devastation of Division

Question: Tell me about division in the church. Isn't it to be expected? 

Answer: The Devastation of Division (based on Matthew 12:25) can be found in Questions Answered.

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