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Words of Wisdom: June 12 - 16, 2017

Please find my Words of Wisdom as Audio and as Transcripts for the days:

6/12/2017: Devolving Evolution

6/13/17/2017: The Water Line

6/14/2017: When Bad Happens

6/15/2017: Take It To The Streets

6/16/2017: Missing Father's Day

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Words of Wisdom: June 15 - 19, 2015

Please click here to find my audio minutes for Words of Wisdom for the week:

6/15/2015: Ruling by Offense

6/16/2015: Claiming to be Black

6/17/2015: The Magna Carta Turns 800

6/18/2015: A Myth-stake

6/19/2015: Missing Fathers' Days

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"Snake Salvation" - Really?

My article "Snake Salvation" - Really? is now available in Bible Articles. It was first published on the Fellowship Room website in February, 2014.

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